3 Keys to Creating a Streamlined New Website for your Business

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Building an efficient and streamlined website from the very beginning isn’t that difficult of a process. In many cases, it may actually be easier than trying to go back later and fix things to improve the site. So, what can be done to make sure the website is sleek and dynamic from the get-go?

The Internet is full of ways that anyone can use to streamline the website. Because there is so much competition online for any business, it’s imperative to choose the ones that promote the site the best.

Below are three keys to consider when it comes time to create your website.

Speed is Vital to Success

Speed is important to both search engines and visitors. The website needs to be as fast as possible while still delivering the intended material. Not only do most people abandon a slow website, but search engines will also rate it poorly. Any possible measure that can shave of fractions of a second could make the difference in success.

Luckily, there are all kinds of techniques available that can boost the speed of a website. While some may cost a bit extra, others may simply be integrated into the platform. Here are a few of the more important things that can be done:

  • Use a CDN

Content Delivery Networks are excellent ways to boost speed. This is because copies of the site are distributed around the world. This allows visitors closer to specific servers to have a better experience.

  • Consider VPS Hosting

Although there is more work involved with maintaining a virtual private server, the site can be much faster to access. This is because the resources allocated are not shared with other websites.

  • Lazy Loading

A popular method as of late is lazy loading. This is when images and other content on the site are not loaded until the visitor’s browser needs it. This greatly reduces load times, especially on sites that use a lot of photos.

  • Page Caching

Depending on the system used to develop the business website, caching is an effective way to streamline. This is when resources of the site are saved on user computers or servers which reduces access time.

These are only a handful of the many ways anyone can speed up their website. Image optimization, reducing third-party ads or images and reducing the use of code types such as Flash can affect speed as well.

Deliver the Unique Visitor Experience

The Internet is full of websites that are similar. Every day, even more are added. It’s important to stay ahead of the competition and deliver the perfect visitor experience. This goes beyond simply adding some text or selling hot items. Visitors need to be engaged through the website to make the experience memorable.

Customer service and satisfaction is vital in any business dynamic. The same care that goes into a brick-and-mortar location needs to be addressed online. After all, satisfied customers are the ones who come back for more and are likely to share their experiences with others.

Direct Communications

Being able to directly communicate with an online business encourages trust in most consumers. Things like live chat, ticket systems, phone numbers and contact forms provide a sense of comfort. In fact, the majority of consumers hold methods like these in high regards when choosing an online company to use.

A Personalized Platform

Studies show that personalization engages consumers better than using a default template. Simple things like using a customer’s name in an email can impact how he or she views the online company. Luckily, there are multitudes of ways this can be done. For example, using email marketing services, such as those offered at MailChimp, can deliver this personal experience.

It’s all about the user experience when you make a website. Engaging features, ease-of-use and a secure foundation can work wonders for building an online reputation for the business as well as inspire future sales.

Good Content Reigns Supreme

Let’s face it, good content is the cornerstone of attracting any kind of target audience. This is why so many businesses will deliver a blog on the website. Even online retail stores are reaping the benefits of providing content centered around their niche.

However, it takes a bit of effort to engage an audience using content in this fashion. Simply tossing a few words up on the company blog doesn’t necessarily drive in the traffic. A few things that need consideration include:

  • Writing content relevant to the company’s offerings.
  • Marketing the blog on social media sites through company profiles.
  • Using current SEO practices to optimize the content for users and search engines.
  • Keeping the blog active and delivering quality information the target audience is searching.
  • Keeping up with news involving the company’s industry.

Blogging isn’t the only type of content that online businesses need to consider optimizing, either. Online retail stores need to focus on creating engaging product descriptions as well. In fact, there are also forms of SEO that go into selling products online.

For instance, tools such as review snippets to show in Google can be vital as many people use these to determine whether they purchase the item or not.

Even the company “About” page can be an important aspect to engaging an audience. Simply showing the company’s phone number and address isn’t enough in many cases. This page is often viewed to legitimize the business.

Because there are so many fraudulent sites out there on the Internet, legitimate companies need to work that much harder to guarantee a good experience to customers. This can be accomplished from the very beginning by delivering an optimal experience that makes users feel comfortable about the website.

In conclusion

Many of these ideas can be done without investing a large amount of money to create your website. With all of the tools online, streamlining the site can be as easy as choosing a good web host or using a free graphics app. It’s safe to assume the competition is doing their part to keep the site efficient using the right tools, and so should you.