Best Online Courses to Learn New Design Skills

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To continue growing as a professional designer you need to constantly work on your skill set from Adobe software and icon design to RpR development. As tough as it may be to learn from knowledgeable books it may be a good idea to try online classes you can do from home.

Below are the most popular online education courses to help hone your design skills.

Code School

Code school is just another great online site where you can further your coding education by watching helpful video lessons. You can even choose from a variety of different learning paths from basic programming to more advanced techniques. For now, the site has a rather small size but has plenty of time to grow for aspiring developers.


CGMA, or more commonly known as CG Master Academy helps graphic designers learn 2Dand 3D CG artwork. There are some courses perfectly fit for beginners but the majority of the courses require experience before enrolling. The CG academy provides a great education for people looking for a full career in the entertainment industry or for those who primarily want to improve their current skill set. Unlike some other online courses, CGMA doesn’t offer online streaming videos but instead has professional online instructors to teach over the course of 4-12 weeks with assigned homework. Although this type of online course may seem more demanding it proves to be one of the most effective.

Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors offers a specific education based on real-world techniques for graphic design programs. The programs include using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Cinema 4D, and more. If you consider using Digital Tutor, you should also visit their parent company called Pluralsight. This side company offers a more focused educated on IT architecture and programming where Digital Tutors focuses on visual effect and design.


Lynda is the perfect educational resource to learn about the basics of programming. Their online library includes the majority of programs available to developers and designers such as Adobe software and 3D/CAD programs as well as a vast majority of development technologies. Although Lynda can be a bit pricier, they do offer discounts for companies as well as students. Their educational videos that are offered may not offer a specific technique but are great for teaching the basics of programming and software. If you’re particularly new to developing and are looking for a much more basic education, this is the online course for you.


For digital designers or photographers who are looking for a variety of free tutorials with a mix of more premium courses, Phlearn will be perfect for you. No matter what kind of design tutorial you are looking for, this course is perfect for understanding the basics of Photoshop as well as learning how to partake in specific tasks for intermediate to advanced users. Although there are a few courses specially designed towards beginners, you may be able to find an easier and cheaper educational resource elsewhere.


Skillshare allows web designers and developers to create and submit their own tutorials to be published on their website. This differs from most of the other course platforms on this list as they do not only publish classes from institutions and teachers, but also everyday experts and professionals in their field. There is a large variety of different courses on Skillshare on everything from web design and print design to After Effects editing and web development.

Tuts+ Courses

Tuts+ is probably the most popular website for web designers to brush up on their skills. They feature tutorials on a wide variety of design and development topics. They also have an enormous selection of premium level courses that can teach you about things like print design, web design, coding, video editing, and photography. Tuts+ adds new courses every month with more and more information. If you are unsure of what you would like to learn or feeling overwhelmed, you may want to begin with one of their free tutorials. This is a great way to learn the basics. For just a small fee, you can gain access to every one of their tutorials and courses. All in all, Tuts+ is the first place you should search for design classes.


Treehouse is the perfect website for web designers who want to learn more about development. There are a few design courses on Treehouse, but a majority of their courses cover website and mobile app front end and back end development. They go into depth during every course and focus of every detail you may need to know. The platform is also incredibly easy to use and the classes are affordable. If you plan on using your design skills to build apps, websites, or web hosting, Treehouse is the site for you.


Udemy offers professional level content provided by current experts in the field. Instead of companies, universities, and teachers offering courses, professionals who are at the top of their game can create and sell their own lessons. This website houses courses on a wide variety of subjects and has many on the subjects of design and development. Any subject you can think of, there is probably a course already created on Udemy. Just be sure to check the user reviews before you sign up for a class so you can see just how good it is.


People who have used Lynda may already know about Video2brain. In fact, Lynda actually owns this company, though they still operate independently and produce unique content. This website is ideal for those with no prior experience who would like to learn the ins and outs of certain design software. Their courses mainly teach about photography and design technique through the use of Adobe software, which you will gain a deep knowledge of. Each of the courses will teach your everything you need to know with just a few hours worth of video content.

There are so many options out there for people who want to learn about web hosting, design, and development. Now is the time to choose your course and start learning!