8 Ultimate Free Online Tools for Weight Loss

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Weight loss can be a challenging undertaking (even maintaining your weight can be tough when the holidays roll around). Online weight loss tools help you to define your weight loss goals, keep track of how close you are to achieving those goals and adjust your eating habits according to what you see laid out for […]

A List of Most Innovative Product Designs

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Industrial designers come up with new and interesting things that makes us dream nicely about our future. Although some would argue that all design must be functional, product design takes that a step further by adding numerous function and performance requirements where usability, productivity and usefulness becomes paramount. Product Designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas, making […]

Ten Efficient Asymmetrical Website Designs

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An inability to draw a line of symmetry helps to naturally separate navigation or sidebar from the rest of the content, providing more room for informative part. In asymmetrical design we find designs that contain elements that do not create a mirror image. Most often, these asymmetrical designs are in fact balanced, but just not […]

7 Useful Free VPN Services

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A virtual private network (VPN) protects your data and identity. over public networks, like the Internet and wireless hotspots. Various protocols are used to create an encrypted tunnel that transports data securely. While a firewall may protect the data on your computer, a VPN will protect your data on the Internet. In this post, we […]

A List of Awesome Free Fonts for Teachers

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Fonts can be one of the powerful tools a designer can use to enhance his design. Fonts play a big role in creating classroom worksheets, activities and many teachers love making their own! In our today’s post I have listed some of the best and cool free teachers fonts for projects. And to wrap it […]

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Comments

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If blogging is all about building a community and fostering relationships with others then it follows that your comments area is one of the most important parts of your blog. The WordPress comment area must be managed, organized and stylized with CSS and WP hacks or the easy way, using plugins. Plugins are a wonderful […]

15 Remarkable Mehndi Tattoo Designs

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Tattoo fashion is very famous all over the world. Not only women but men from every area and country like to make tattoo designs on their bodies. Such mehndi or henna tattoos are wore by women mainly. To apply a mehndi tattoo, you need to mix mehndi in water and make it a paste, then […]

Showcase of Best Parallax WordPress Themes

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Parallax is kind of a new and popular trend going on and rightfully so. Parallax sites are some of the sexiest I’ve ever seen. Parallax scrolling is a hot trend in web design right now because it provides a fun and engaging experience for the visitors. Themes with parallax effect are mainly using the single-page […]